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Schism Matrix

New Fiction Opening: WEIRD WIRED

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xirtam msihcs

New Fiction Opening: WEIRD WIRED

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Just because. The opening to a new short story...


©2005 Made in DNA

By the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the children of Japan destroyed much of their cultural heritage left in their care by poets and samurai, by working it all over via a concoction of lackluster insanity-gray concrete that consumed the grasslands; sky-piercing power towers that marched across mountain ranges; and bulldozing houses hundreds of years old in favor of neon massage parlors.

In the mid-22nd, the children of the children of the children realized the horror of it all. And decided to thank their grandbenefactors for those mistakes by gathering the ashes of all those who came before them, and using it as the base for a bio-nanobot resurrection agent, which they in turn poured over the nation in a bid to beat the living shit out of Father Time and resurrect Culture.

It was if the goddess Amaterasu, who gave birth to the Japanese Archipelago from her glorious womb, had stepped out of the collective Japanese consciousness, and pissed her love over the nation. The resulting infestation coated everything in a living, writhing testament to the everlasting mother of all mistakes.

500 years later...


Blame it on Alex Kerr too much Japanese Environmental Horrorpunk.
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