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Schism Matrix

introducing myself

The Cyberpunk Aesthetic Community

xirtam msihcs

introducing myself

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Hey guys, I am a British based writer who has just set up a new short fiction website with a cyberpunk/sci-fi flavour. The fiction is all up there for free and the idea is that readers can vote for stories that they like - the story with the least number of votes will be replaced every 2 weeks. Any feedback or help is much appreciated at this point...
The site is mostly sci fi and humour orientated, but I plan to add some horror, literary stuff etc. What I hope for is that the site will become a collaboration between readers and writers.
Anyway, hope you have the time to check it out,
Dave Moody
  • just found the group and I'm about to post a link in my LJ...

    Where in UK are you? - I'm in Brum
    • cheers

      I am currently in London, but am probably moving to Slovakia in a month or so (loooong story....), where I will continue to run tales. Hope you like the site - it really is in the early stages, but there are increasing numbers of authors contributing some really good stuff. We are planning on going weekly in the new year (1 new story a week)
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