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Schism Matrix

Thought you might find this interesting:

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Thought you might find this interesting:

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Paper is so 20th Century! Step into the future and follow the links below to download Accelerando, the new science fiction novel by Charles Stross, in its entirety, for free. Or order a physical copy and keep living in the past.- this is the quote from Amazon.com on the page for Accelerando. You might want to hurry, I'm not sure how long they'll keep the pages up. I have a copy if anyone wants it after they take it down. Find it Here at Amazon.com or at the individual parts below:

part 1 This is just the title page and glossary. Download it, if just to give the guy credit.

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

By the way, this is totally legal but I don't know how long it will last. This guy, Charles Stross, just made a lifelong fan based on his generosity alone.
  • Uhh, dude ... what century are you living in? :D
    • I try to stay as far behind a possible, only last week I was sending my email via smoke signal. I just kept forgetting what I was writing, by the end. Guess I shouldn't have been burning foliage from my parents "secret garden" hu?
  • I just bought his book Toast because I downloaded his story A Colder War for free and loved it. I dug his work, thus I owed him money.
    • true, I want to run out and buy all his books. I know it might be a ploy, however I am most gracious when given a choice.
  • i hate reading shit on the computer hurts my eyesand i can't do it in the bathtub
    • Yeah, but thankfully our comp lab at school doesn't keep track of what you print. Hey...I pay my tuition, right?
  • Or, you just go to the official site and get it in a whole variety of formats....
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